Primary school is the first challenge in a child’s life. It requires patience, attention, self-discipline. Kids’ curiosity is nearly inexhaustible, that is why supportive and motivating environment is very important during the study process.
Usually classes start at 8:30, extended day groups last till 18:00.
The specific curriculum standards adopted by RIMS are based on the Curriculum Framework of the Latvian Ministry of Education.
Languages of instruction in RIMS are Latvian and Russian depending on the pupil’s mother language. Apart from that, RIMS offers intensive English language teaching in order to prepare pupils for “bilingual education” which starts at 5th grade.

We offer:

teachers who encourage learning with pleasure,
spacious classrooms,
individual approach to student’s potencial,
extended day groups with designated homework time and outdoor activities,
freshly prepared meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner),
after-school activities: dance club, arts club, taekwondo club, cooking club.